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A part of the global climate awareness and environmetal awareness campaign to persuade us and governments of the world to treat climate change as a top priority
The Mothership Earth Song music campaign is a plea for help from Mother Earth sung in different languages



The Mothership Earth Song Project is a campaign to put pressure on us and governments worldwide to prioritise climate change as the ultimate challenge for humanity.

The song is a plea from Mother Earth for help in combatting climate change and is being translated into as many languages as possible and presented through as many media outlets as possible with the aim of holding the climate delegates to account at the COP 28 conference in the United Arab Emirates, November 2023. The strength the project will be in the diversity of female voices all singing the same plea with their unique interpretations.

One of our aims is for the song to be sung worldwide at the same time on the first day of COP 28 - 30th November 2023.

The Mothership Earth Song Project is a non-profit organisation supporting GREENPEACE.

Mothership Earth Song Project
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